April Showers

It’s April now, and the school year is winding down. We’ve hit a couple of roadblocks this month with some “summer fever” combined with some real sickness, but there’s still plenty to be excited about!

For starters, our littlest baby is a baby GIRL! Excitement abounds! Samantha said “I can’t even believe it!” and Cormac said, “Okay, Mommy. I will take care of her.” This is her at 17 weeks:

FullSizeRender 4

School continues! It’s tough to hang in there during this last part of the year, but we’re doing it! Samantha is learning cursive (that’s a picture of her and Matt using pay phones, she informed me), and Cormac is busy learning to read. He has learned lots of letter sounds and is learning to blend them together nicely. He also painted a picture. When I asked him what he was painting, he told me that it was a picture of people covered in paint :).

We also celebrated Cormac’s baptismal anniversary this month! It was a fun day filled with lots of things that Cormac likes best. Like Inside Out, chocolate cake, and eating in the living room!


We also got our fair share of germs this month. It wasn’t pretty, but we made it through.

Ronan went down first:


And shortly after it was Cormac. Here you see him so fevered that he thought laying down in the garage sounded like a good idea. He wanted to be outside so badly, it took some convincing to get him back to the couch.


And here you seem him carrying around his throw up bucket:


Fortunately for her brothers, Samantha is an ever ready nurturer. In this picture, she’s reading Cormac his Easter card from Grammom and Poppa:


By the time Easter came, Samantha was down for the count (probably due to all that nurturing!). Fortunately, Cormac was well enough to get to accompany Daddy to church:


And here is a random conglomeration of cuteness just for fun:


(I recently learned that if I can’t find Ronan upstairs, there’s a good chance he’s sitting in his new favorite spot- in the bathroom- looking out the window)

So here’s hoping that we finish this school year strong and hopefully stay healthy too, but no matter the circumstances, we certainly are blessed :).

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6 thoughts on “April Showers

  1. Our sweethearts! Glad everyone is feeling better and feeling strong for the finish of this school year. I love watching them grow and develop their personalities, character, and faith. You’re doing a wonderful job! Love you all!

    To the moon and back!

  2. I love your posts!!!!! It takes me back to my days that were SO full and rich!!!! It thrills me that you treasure it up always, knowing that while it is challenging, it is fleeting!! What an incredible family you have my darling girl, I am so blessed to have a front row seat!

    Love, hugs and kisses to ALL!!!!!


  3. So blessed to see your family grow and thrive. And thank God for Christians that are called to have multiple children–what a joy for those of us who love you. Love to all

  4. Yay!! Congratulations!!Love the update.  Glad you are on the upswing.Our works do not generate righteousness, rather our righteousness in Christ generates works. – Martin LutherGod made him who had no sin to be sin[a] for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God. 2 Cor 5:21 

  5. They are precious, Tori! Thank you for sharing their lives (all of their lives, even throw up days lol)! Love, Laura Brewer

  6. I get such a kick out of reading your posts and seeing these awesome pictures of your beautiful children! Way to go mom and dad! So much love in your home!!!

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