Time Marches On

Well, it’s been a while. As often happens, time has gotten away from me, and the blog has been forsaken. But while the blog has remained stagnant, our lives certainly have not. It wasn’t long after Thanksgiving, in fact, that we were surprised to learn of a new little family blessing:



It didn’t take long at all for the sickness to set in, but thanks be to God, I am now past the worst of it! I am 15 weeks as of writing this, and our newest little bundle is due August 18th. It is with such great joy that we are preparing to welcome another child into our home!!

In other news, Cormac has turned four…

img_3864 img_3865

Samantha has lost her front two teeth…




and Ronan is busy getting into trouble:


Of course, he learned from the best. The boys play together more and more, although it’s often a rather contentious relationship. In fact, Cormac has informed us that if we have a girl baby, he can take care of her, but if it’s a boy Samantha can take care of him. He’s also let us know that he doesn’t want a baby that bites. When I tried to gently remind him that Ronan didn’t start biting him until he started playing rough with him and frustrating him, he told me, “Mommy, I don’t want to talk about that.”


img_4304 img_4302 img_3562 img_3773 img_3571


And just for fun, here’s a few more of Ronan being cute:



Trying to take his temperature under his arm 🙂

img_4222 img_3851 img_4071

And finally, sporting his latest haircut:


What a joy these children are!!


2 thoughts on “Time Marches On

  1. Love seeing their love for one another and their shenanigans together. I’m betting there’s more of that in their future.
    Love your blog! Love you! Keep up the great work Mommy!

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