October was a busy month in the Stone household. Rather than separating out each of the main events of the month into separate posts, I am saving time and energy with a bigger-than-normal update on the latest happenings!

On October 8th, our Samantha Bean turned 7 years old. We celebrated, just as she requested, by going to Carowinds. Of course, we were so busy having a blast at Carowinds, that I have zero pictures of the event. But I do have some other keepers of our precious girl opening presents at Grammom and Poppa’s and enjoying the Hello Kitty, Cinderella, and Pink balloons and streamers she requested (Thank you Grammom!) and a delicious cheesecake that only Poppa knows how to make exactly right (thank you, Poppa!!).  She had such a wonderful time, and in all the busyness, I got to forget for a little while how much my heart aches that these times go by so fast. 7 !!!


(Click a picture to see it full screen)


                         dsc_1196                  img_2702

img_2714      img_2712              img_2716     img_2719


Another main event of the month was this wonderful treat called Parents’ Observation Week at the Ballet School. When we signed Samantha up for ballet, we thought, for some reason, that we’d be able to see her do ballet any ol’ time we wanted! As it turns out, things are pretty serious, and when they get started, the door is shut, there is no window in said door, and we simply hope for the best! Needless to say, after a month and a half of weekly ballet classes and little to no information from our tired ballerina, we were SO excited to learn that we were being invited to stay for a whole class and watch everything they had learned so far. To try to accurately describe the amount of joy we got from this experience would do little justice to its true nature. Suffice it to say, we were proud beyond measure and moved beyond words. We loved every second of it.


20161019_165751        20161019_165907 20161019_170907_003      20161019_170920      20161019_172919 20161019_172048        20161019_173530 20161019_173333            20161019_174653 20161019_180054              20161019_174240 



And to wrap up a very exciting month we had All Hallow’s Eve, when we celebrate the evening before All Saint’s Day. This year we went to our church’s Trunk or Treat, and then on the 31st, walked the neighborhood. The kids were very specific in their costume requests, and I did my best to produce. We all had lots of fun this year!

Here is St. George:



St. Cecilia:


And our Littlest Priest:



Fr. Ingram was quite proud of our little man:



And here is a little taste of the delightful chaos of Halloween wherein we had a ghost, Spiderman, and the Brave Lion (brave enough to run into traffic as often as possible):



20161031_192632  20161031_185336

And just for fun, here is a smattering of photos that I just didn’t want to leave out:




Samantha as “The Queen”









6 thoughts on “October

  1. Oh Tori! Love this review of October. You have had a busy month. I imagine that is going to be your reality for quite a while. I have some pictures from Carowinds. Poppa and I will try to get them to you. I need to do better with the pictures as well. LOVE the ballet pictures. I would have been a mess of tears watching our beautiful ballerina. You did a great job with the costumes. Our little “father” is precious. We have some BEAUTIFUL grandchildren. Thank you for sharing! My heart is so full!

    1. Tori… it is such a treat to get these! You do such a great job keeping everyone abreast of what’s going on in the Stone household! You’re children are exquisite and I am so happy that we are in each other’s lives. May God continue to bless you all.

  2. Wish we could have been there for that birthday party, but I know it was WONDERFUL!!! Thank you and Matt for being such AMAZING parents who are raising such happy and well-adjusted children!! What a fun (and busy) month from start to finish, and you lived to tell us all about it!!!! 🙂

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