Samantha the Ballerina

When sweet Samantha was 9 months old, she decided she was tired of just crawling around all the time. She was ready for something bigger and better. So she started walking. But this wasn’t enough– not for Samantha! So she started dancing. It wasn’t elaborate at first. Nothing too fancy- just a bob of the bottom up and down to the beat. But it didn’t matter the song, any one would do; as soon as that music started playing, she started dancing. She couldn’t even help it! Well, the dancing never stopped. Any time the music is on, even to this day, she loves to dance to it. It didn’t take much for us to realize that dance classes were in her future, and as a lover of all things ballet, I couldn’t wait for the day when she could start ballet classes. At four years old, she wanted to grow her hair nice and long and get rid of her bangs so that she could put her hair in a bun for ballet, and it’s been since then that she has known that she is waiting. Samantha has a knack for patience, and she has shown a peaceful sort of patience throughout. But when that day finally came, when the hour finally struck, it was pure, unadulterated excitement. And at that final moment, right before we opened that studio door, nothing could have made me happier than to hear Samantha gasp “I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life for this moment!”

img_2159 img_2204 img_2205 img_2209

There’s nothing better than seeing a child discover their passion. I’m so happy to get to be part of the joy. We love you, Samantha Bean!


7 thoughts on “Samantha the Ballerina

    1. You know it’s funny you should mention it! I was just positive I wouldn’t know what I was doing when the time came to put her hair in a bun for her first class, so I asked the lovely lady at the local ballet store “Tutus and Dance Shoes” for instructions. She did us one better and told me to bring Samantha into the store before her first class so she could show me how it’s done! It was a huge relief because I spent more time than I care to admit agonizing over ballet buns :).

  1. I love when children say such passion filled things like “I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life for this moment!”. So special! Samantha, you go girl!!

  2. Bean our ballerina! Grammom and Poppa are also proud of you for being so patient and passionate about this. We love your enthusiasm and the joy we see when you “give yourself over to the music” and dance. I remember what you said at Big Papa’s memorial service when your mommy asked if you wanted to say something about Big Papa and you said, “I already said everything with my dance.” You sure did. You danced around the stage so the music playing right before the service began. We love you! Love your sweet heart, brilliant mind, and graceful beauty.

  3. Oh my word! So sweet! I nearly lost it (and may have cried a few tears) when William had a ballet performance after his camp this summer. I might REALLY lose it if I had a sweet little girl in ballet too!

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