A Rowdy Celebration

So it’s obvious I don’t get the blog updated all that often, but every now and then, it hits me over the head that there is a NEED. Right now, that need is to tell the world just how amazing this little baby boy is over here- the one we affectionately refer to as Rowdy.

Ol’ Rowdy is 10 months old now, and his personality is really shining through. “Rowdy” is quite the ironic nickname, really, because he’s a calm and cautious kind of guy who loves snuggling with strangers at church when Mommy needs a hand with the older ones. He’s usually quite accommodating like that, and he never stops smiling. He’s got a knack for copying his brother and sister (already!), and he loves to swing on the swingset more than anything. He says Dada constantly, Momma on occasion (when Daddy convinces him to), and he’s just generally false-advertising for how delightful a baby can be. We love this baby boy with all our hearts, and just like his brother and sister, I could never imagine my life without him. He knows how to remind me when I need it most that I really do have the best job in the world.

Here are some pictures showcasing Ronan’s infectious smile, his favorite things, and the moments I don’t want to forget:

IMG_0266 IMG_0277 IMG_0455 IMG_0738 IMG_0755 IMG_0764 IMG_0768 IMG_0789 IMG_0890 IMG_0894 IMG_0910 IMG_1598 IMG_1720 IMG_1738 IMG_1797 IMG_1802 IMG_1820 IMG_1866 IMG_1896



And here are a few videos that capture some of us his loveable Rowdy essence.


We love you so much baby boy! Just do us a favor, and don’t grow up too fast.



3 thoughts on “A Rowdy Celebration

  1. Oh how infectious is his constant smile and happy attitude; what a gift to our family!!!!!! It is so amazing what each child brings to the family and how it changes the dynamic in so many unexpected ways. Thank you God, you know just what we need and when we need it!!!!! And I LOVE the pics and videos (although the first one wouldn’t play for me…)!!!!!

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