To My Other Mother- A Tribute


Each one of us has our own special set of obstacles to overcome in this vocation of parenthood. Some of us have to face difficult decisions about our finances, careers, and daycare. Some of us live away from family and have to parent without built-in support. And for many of us, our spouse’s family is just another one, and maybe even the biggest, obstacle of all. But for me, while I struggle each day to parent with love and patience, I know that I have all the support and love I could ever imagine from my in-laws. Each child that grows our family is another welcomed with open arms and pure, unconditional love. I know not everyone receives such a beautiful blessing, and I hope that I never take such a thing for granted. So in the spirit of my gratitude, I want to wish my mother-in-law the happiest of birthdays today. Thank you for being a wonderful mother to my husband, grandmother to our children, and for being a second mother to me! Thank you most of all for being you, just as you are!!






We love you the most, Grammom!!!

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4 thoughts on “To My Other Mother- A Tribute

  1. What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful woman!!!!!

    Connie, you are VERY loved by all of this extended family!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

    Best wishes from Marmee & Pawpaw!!

    1. Oh, Tori! How beautiful! Thank you for loving me and accepting me just as I am. Thank you for allowing me to love on your precious children and for making a place for me in their lives. It’s a good thing my email wasn’t working at school because I would have been blubbering mess. Haha!

      You are a blessing! Hugs and kisses! I love you!!!
      Grammom/ Momma Stone

    2. Jeanie and Mike,
      Thank you for sharing this precious daughter with us. It’s great to be in a family where we can share the love especially of our children and grand children. I appreciate you!

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