An Advent to Remember


I am a parent, so consequently, my head is often fuzzy and my heart is often full. Sometimes, my fuzzy head leads to questioning my heart’s longing for children and the chaos they bring. Sometimes, my fuzzy head can only think of what hasn’t been done or how hard it is to maintain a train of thought when the much bigger constant-chatter-locomotive is blazing through. Sometimes, my fuzzy head is only focused on the mess, the tiredness, the discipline, or even the guilt or fear that love to sneak in at night when I’m not sleeping. But sometimes, like tonight, I see myself and my children through the lens of a camera and think, “when I look back on this moment, will I remember how dirty the house was tonight? Will I remember how tired I was? Or on this night, will I remember that Ronan exploded all over the floor instead of in his diaper, Cormac threw markers into the toilet, and I spilled milk all over the freshly bathed and dressed baby while trying to give him a bedtime bottle?” Well, maybe… But what I do know, is that I will remember how precious their faces are when they tell me they love me. I will remember how sweet each of their little baby heads smelled as I carried them in my arms. I will remember how full of faith and hope and love a child is. I will remember how life IS hard, and these times ARE tough, but God did not entrust me with these precious lives only to abandon me when times got tough. No, He is faithful, and He has blessed us with the greatest of His gifts.




So let us rejoice as we await the coming of Our Lord!

Happy Advent!!


5 thoughts on “An Advent to Remember

  1. Please remember this: You are a wonderful mother. We are blessed to have you as our daughter in love. We are amazed by your patience, love, and talents. Thank you for sharing your most precious gifts with us. We love you and our sweet grandchildren. Praying for your strength and stamina as a BUSY Mom. Hugs!

  2. If I can see through my tears, I will tell you what a blessing your writing always is to me!!! It is so transparent and honest, and so full of truth and wisdom!!!! Trust me darling, I can now say from experience, that I never think of the messy house or the times of less than happy moments, nor will you!!!! I love you all dearly!!!

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