It’s a baby!!

Yesterday was “a very nervous day,” as Samantha so accurately put it. At 21 weeks, I had my very first ultrasound. We were nervously anticipating learning whether this was just one baby or more, whether I was right about my due date, if everything looked nice and healthy, and, if possible, whether we were having a boy or a girl. Our doctor’s office is dedicated to taking the prenatal excitement to a whole new level. More specifically, they ensure your excitement by providing the maximum amount of anticipation possible. In other words, after hours of great anticipation, we were finally able to see that little image on the screen that says it’s really real! My greatest fears were quelled; as it turns out, this is not just an incredibly convincing hysterical pregnancy– there actually IS a baby in there! Not only that, but an adorable baby! I can already tell!

For the past four (five?) months, our Samantha has been telling anyone who will listen that she wants a baby sister. And who wouldn’t want that for her?! She’s the perfect big sister and longs for that special relationship only sisters can have. Especially after enduring all the tough love a little brother can dish out. So our hearts swelled with that special kind of parental pride when we got to see our precious little baby’s tiny baby parts and hear our daughter exclaim “Awwwww Daddy! It’s a BOY!!! I’m going to have another brother!!!”

So as we prepare to welcome you, our newest addition, we can say with the utmost assurance that you are exactly what our family needs and wants, and you have the greatest big sister and brother waiting not-so-patiently to welcome you. What joy you will bring to our lives, sweet baby boy! I can’t wait to meet you!




P.S. For those of you who might need more details: He looks perfectly healthy, my due date is accurate (Sept. 3rd), and he is just one baby :). He is weighing in at a healthy 1 lb 1 oz!


5 thoughts on “It’s a baby!!

  1. Fabulous post! Even more fabulous news! Our precious Samantha Bean is such a positive person. “Tuffy” is one lucky little guy. Looking forward to welcoming him.

  2. You two are so adept at parenting, and we are happy for all of you. Love your posts! A hug for Samantha and Cormac……..

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