The Potty Horror – A Success Story

So we’re officially having a third baby. So far, I’ve noticed a startling difference in this pregnancy versus the other two, and that is the tremendous lack of thought and concern I seem to put into “preparing” for another child in our home. With Samantha, that nesting instinct seem to kick in from Day 1, and it was pure panic until she was here, and even then, I’m not sure the panic really ceased. With Cormac, there was a lot of thought that I put into the differences between having only one and more than one. What would it be like? How could I help ease the transition? What would the sibling relationship be like? Should I do more to prepare Samantha for this dramatic turn of events?? Now that we find ourselves back in this familiar territory, I’ve been surprised at just how lackadaisical my attitude has truly become. Because, after all, WAS there any point in all that “preparation”?? DID we help control the chaos even one iota? Of course, that may be more thought than I’ve really put into it anyway, because let’s be honest, I’m too tired to actually think coherent thoughts. But when I could, for a very brief moment, conceptualize what might be problematic if not addressed before the baby’s arrival, potty training quickly came to mind. Cormac is 2 as of January 3rd, and, let’s face it, I needed a challenge. Why settle for the monotony of everyday parenting, when we could grab the bull by the horns, and sink ourselves so deep into the chaos, we’re not sure we’ll ever return. Well, let me tell you, that is exactly what we did. Almost four weeks ago, I put him in underwear and let the horror begin. Of course, the horror didn’t really exist except in the unknowing. For one full week, it was an all-encompassing volley of fears. Each day we worried, was he “getting it”? Was it too soon? Is he too young? Is this as traumatic for him as it is for me? Will he ever pee in the potty? Will I ever leave my house again? Can I clean up anymore pee without being locked up forever? All those fears loomed larger than life, with the biggest one by far being “Will we have to do this whole thing over again in a few months??” But I am here to say, I have never been prouder of my little boy, because it only took one full week for him to go from diapers to dry underwear. He only has accidents on the rare occasion, he stays dry at night, and we can even take him places with no fear! Not only that, but who could sport the baby underwear look any better than this guy??

So here’s to you, my little man; you took us to the edge and back, but you did it!!





5 thoughts on “The Potty Horror – A Success Story

  1. That is THE most entertaining story of potty training I have EVER read!!!! And with Melissa, I could hear you telling the story!!! You’re AMAZING!!!

  2. Now, I had better weigh in as Marmee…

    Cormac: I am sooooo proud of you!!!! To ‘get it’ in one week is nothing but a love gift to your mother!!!!

    Proud of my boy!! 😉

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