A House and a School

So the last few months have shown us quite a few changes. We were bursting at the seams in our little town home, so now we have moved into a “real” house with trash service, a mailbox, a garage, and a yard! Even after a month or so, living in this house feels like floating through a most pleasant dream. I am not quite used to it, but it’s the most enjoyable sort of disorientation I’ve ever felt. Included in this little slice of paradise, we have been fortunate enough to also have a real “school room” for Samantha to begin homeschooling.

After months of Samantha begging and continuing to complain of an incurable case of severe boredom, I decided to officially start kindergarten with our girl. She is almost 5 (October 8), so we weren’t too worried about jumping the gun. Our first day was last Monday, and we had a really lovely week of learning just about everything it seems. Samantha’s favorites are writing, science, and reading. I am genuinely surprised at how much fun we’re having and how hard it was to have two “off days” this weekend. I couldn’t be more proud of our little girl and how great she’s doing.

Since I don’t want homeschooling to mean missing out on those crucial childhood milestones, we took a “first day of school” picture along with a couple more school photos.




We also worked hard putting on a play for Daddy (aka, the Principal) on Friday. We went for a classic: Goldilocks and the Three Bears.



So here’s to a wonderful school year, a huge milestone, and a beautiful new house!


3 thoughts on “A House and a School

  1. Oh my word, that is the cutest Goldilocks and the most adorable baby bear EVER!!!!!!! What a wonderful milestone! I am soooo proud of Samantha and her great beginning to this most exciting season of life!!!!! One of my favorite things in life is learning and I can’t think of a more wonderful teacher for my granddaughter than her amazing mother!!!!! We are sooo proud!!

    Much Love,
    Marms & Pawpaw

  2. What a wonderful treat to come home to after my first day of school. It sounds like school is going very well. You are an awesome teacher, Tori. So proud of Samantha for being such an eager learner. I LOVE the Goldilocks wig and our little Goldilocks. Baby bear in the background looks so precious. Here’s to a fabulous year!
    Love you all!

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