A Very Happy Birthday

Yesterday was a special day. It was my birthday, and it was a delightful one! If I’ve learned anything from having children, it is that birthdays (as an adult) are far more enjoyable than ever before. This year we were blessed with a visit from Marmee, and she and Samantha took their party planning responsibilities very seriously. After a trip the local party store (The Party Box!), I was surprised with some lovely balloons, streamers, party tableware, and some serious party spirit. After coming home from church in the morning, I got to enjoy walking into a house full (or at least a room full) of birthday decor with Samantha explaining just how many things she picked that were the color orange because that is my favorite color. After walking me through each party decor purchase, I was then delighted to hear a Samantha original Happy Birthday song. It was a beautiful song, sung slowly and thoughtfully with lots of “I love you”s and “You’re my Mommy”s. As if this weren’t enough, I got to spend the entire day looking forward to the delicious cheesecake that Poppa made for my birthday and delivered a week early, knowing they wouldn’t be here for the celebration. Matthew had gotten called into work early, which was perfect, as it turned out, because that meant he got home early enough for us to have cake together and then run out the door for a very rare movie date. Marmee graciously babysat for a second time in one day, and the children were delightfully well-behaved. I could not have asked for more!!! So thank you to my amazing family, and thanks be to God for a perfect 28th birthday :).

We were too busy having fun to focus on quality photos, but we did manage to snap a few keepers:



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2 thoughts on “A Very Happy Birthday

  1. I am so glad you were able to enjoy a special birthday. You are so special to us. Glad you got to spend some quality time with your mother. We are also glad the cake lasted. They say “aged” cheese cake is the best. Speaking of “aged” you are doing it very well. I am so happy that Samantha gets excited about making your day special. You have taught her to love and care deeply for others. I love that she wanted to choose your favorite color. Praying God blesses you with many more happy, healthy birthday celebrations. I love you! :). Happy, happy birthday!

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