A Kick and a Nod


So the blog and its followers seem to be feeling a bit neglected, especially considering all the  goings-on around here. So, to address the mounting concerns that I may have abandoned my  post, I am giving you the latest and greatest from our lovely children. Samantha’s big news of  the day is that she is now participating in the 3 – 4 year old soccer league at the YMCA. Of  course, I’m using the terms “league” and “soccer” quite loosely. Now, for those of us who  might not have anticipated that three and four year olds were capable of joining a formal  league, don’t worry, there is nothing in the way of child development that you have missed. But  what these children lack in the way of coordination and general understanding of the rules of  soccer, they more than make up for with enthusiasm, even if that enthusiasm is, more often  than not, misdirected. Be that as it may, Samantha is having fun and doing pretty well. She did,  however, have fits of hysteria before her first game. In fact, she told me that she only ever  wanted to practice because she wasn’t good enough to play a game yet, that she was “sooo  nervous about playing soccer,” and she cried as she told me that she didn’t want everyone  watching her. Once we got to our field, and she had her coach getting them ready, she was totally fine. She played so hard, and I was really proud of how she did in her first game.

I have a little snippet of a video of her playing on the green team- her pink headband came off during play, so you can see here that the coach had put it back on for her :).


In other news, there has been an interesting development with the boy. Little Cormac has been learning new words slowly but surely, but our biggest breakthrough in communication has been The Nod.


Needless to say, after discovering this new skill, I have been asking him an enormous number of yes or no questions :).





2 thoughts on “A Kick and a Nod

  1. Love!!! They are so much fun! Thank you for sharing. Cannot wait to see Samantha play soccer and we will be looking for Cormac’s nod. He seems to come out with words when we least expect it. So happy to be able to see you all with just a shirt drive. Tori, you do a great job of sharing your children with us in word and deed. Thank you. Love you! 🙂

  2. Somehow I missed this post!! How ADORABLE!!!!! I love the pink headband and she certainly joined right in and seemed to be all over running after that ball!! Cormac is as PRECIOUS as ever!!!!!

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