Trouble is a Friend of Mine

If Mischief has a middle name, it must be Cormac. This little boy has been nothing but trouble from the day he was born. Of course, back then, the trouble was colic. Now the trouble is playing in the toilet on a semi-regular basis. With Samantha, all those child safety products seemed like a clever way to make money off paranoid Moms, now I realize that we should have invested a lot more money into that obviously necessary industry. In my normal blog-frame-of-mind, I look forward to posting all those pictures that I think capture the beauty of infancy and childhood. The pictures that you want to remember an age by. I don’t necessarily think to take pictures that are the stuff of chaos. But in the spirit of reality, that is just what today is about.

So whether he’s climbing,

DSC_0317 IMG_0091

Throwing things away that he shouldn’t,


Dominating the cat, or its scratch post,

IMG_0059 DSC_0295DSC_0304

Eating raisins, crayon, or permanent marker, 


Playing in the toilet (or throwing Samantha’s toys in there),

DSC_0346 IMG_0096

Playing with Daddy’s computer and movies,


Or this (notice the cat?),


Or this,


The boy is nothing but trouble. And don’t worry, each one of these activities was quickly quelled…as soon as I got the picture I wanted :).

P.S. Today is the birthday of a wonderful woman that we all know and love. Grammom- you are a such a wonderful grandmother to our children and such an amazing gift to me as a Mother in law. I hope this day is the best!

Happy Birthday, Grammom!


4 thoughts on “Trouble is a Friend of Mine

  1. Oh your poor kitty!! I am glad you saw him put the cat in the dishwasher. We got a good laugh out of this post. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. What a joyful reminder of life with toddlers!!!!!! He is PRICELESS!!!!! And I hope Grammom sees this and realizes how much she is LOVED BY ALL!!!!!

  3. Oh yes! This made Grammom’s day! Poppa and I had such a fun time reading and looking at Cormac’s antics which reminded us a little bit of his daddy. When we got to the end the sweet surprise made me cry tears of joy. I was wishing I could hug all of you. Tori, you are a wonderful daughter-in-law. I think of you as Daughter and am so happy your mother and father share you with us unconditionally. We love you!!!

    I too think Whiskey is the best cat ever! He must hang out with Cormac and not hide from him to be so accessible. Love runs deep. That boy is already climbing towards success.

    Samantha, Grammom loves your sweet smile and cherishes your sweet birthday wishes. I cannot wait to see you. I miss your stories and games. You are the best storyteller ever!

    Tori, Thank you for the beautiful, BEST birthday gift. One I will treasure always.

    Love you!!!

  4. Tori, when we got this one our phones, I didn’t realize what I wrote wouldn’t show up here. Please know how very much this post means to me even though I am a day late responding. 🙂

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