Love is a Many Splendored Thing

Well, it’s been several months, and I feel that it is time, once again, to reflect on all those little things about our children that we are treasuring up in our hearts right now. Cormac is getting so big, and Samantha continues to amaze us with her insights, and I just don’t want to forget a thing!

So without further ado, here are just a few of the many splendors of our love:



I love playing games with you, even if I don’t want to play them ALL the time :). My favorite is “You be Samantha, I’ll be Tori.” If I didn’t have this game to play, I might not realize that you think I’m a pretty great mom, after all. For example,

Sam (playing Tori): Who made this mess (pointing to the toys she had just been playing with when she was still                Samantha)? Did you make this mess? I’m in charge; remember?

Tori (playing Sam): *Nodding my head up and down, shamefully.*

Sam: Oh, honey, I love you always. It was an accident. Oh, honey, that’s okay. I still love you.

I love pretending to do school with you, even if I thought we weren’t pretending. There’s nothing like being the “Cheecher” and answering questions after you raise your hand first. And, of course, there’s nothing better than watching you learn.

I love how every day you get more patient, more compassionate, and more loving. You’re a fantastic big sister and you never stop surprising us with your perspective on  life.

And of course, I love how much you love your brother. Why else would you ask, “Mommy, is it okay when I grow up if I marry Cormac? I don’t want to be married to someone not in my family.”

Samantha plays Queen



I love the way you love to share everything. Whether it’s taking your chewed up food and trying to shove it into my mouth or the dog’s, you are such an enthusiastic giver!

I love how sometimes when you’re nursing, you unlatch just to give me a big kiss and a smile before you start nursing again. Nothing has ever melted this Mommy’s heart more than that!

I love seeing your big wave, across your whole chest, as you say HI! when Daddy walks in the door. After a long day without him, you just can’t stand not being held by your daddy as soon as he gets home.

I love how you press your finger to my nose to get a beep beep. Even if I might be bleeding afterward from your brutal enthusiasm, it’s still worth it to hear you laugh.

I love to hear you talk. “Thank you” is my favorite, and I just can’t wait to hear what’s next.

And when asked what Samantha loves about you, she said “I love that he’s silly! Like a monkey!” and I think I might just have to agree with her on that :).

Cormac says “Thank you”

P.S. Please ignore the mess in the background of these videos!

3 thoughts on “Love is a Many Splendored Thing

  1. What precious splendor!!!!! And I love those videos (including the mess) because they give me such a picture of my grandchildren and because they take me back to my young mother days where everything is new and exciting and sooooo precious!!!! Love to all!!!!

  2. Love the blog and the videos! I am so happy my grand daughter is such a good “cheecher” and knows that Mommies and Daddies are the ones who are in charge. Samantha is so expressive! Love, love watching her and Cormac. Thank you for posting. By the way the background looks like there’s a lot of love and learning going on.

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