A Happy Halloween

Samantha was counting down to Halloween for six whole days, so this morning she woke up pretty pumped that today was the day. Since we had to have a whole day of special events, we immediately made plans for the greatest Halloween ever:

First the kids wore matching pumpkin shirts!

Evidently cute shirts and cute babies do not always make perfect pictures. We had some silliness, then lots of crying, but I think we have a couple of keepers in here.

DSC_0289 copy DSC_0290 copy DSC_0286 copy DSC_0285 copyDSC_0294 copy DSC_0291 copy DSC_0281 copy DSC_0276 copy

Then we made ghost pancakes! Thank you Pinterest!

Ours weren’t as cute as they were supposed to be- but it was fun!! And quite tasty :).

DSC_0296 copy







Then we made each other happy halloween pumpkin cards! Samantha drew the pumpkins on the inside of the black card all by herself!!

DSC_0300 copy

DSC_0302 copy

DSC_0304 copy







Then, after Daddy got home, we made our very own Jack-o-lantern:

DSC_0309 copy

DSC_0313 copyDSC_0314 copyAnd last but not least, Samantha and Cormac got to go trick or treat! Samantha was a smurf, and Bubby was a lion:DSC_0316 copy

DSC_0315 copySamantha said that she wanted to go trick or treating so that she could get just one piece of candy :). She asked to go to four houses. We thought that was pretty darn reasonable.

Happy halloween!


4 thoughts on “A Happy Halloween

  1. Sounds like a perfect day filled with great memories. They are adorable. Thank you for letting us share the memories. Love you!

  2. They are ADORABLE!!!!! And I love the ‘real’ pics as well as the ‘perfect’ pics!!! What a FUN day!!!! and what wonderful memories you are creating! I love you so much!!!!!

  3. Samantha and Cormac, I love your website and especially the Halloween photos. Your costumes were so cute! I hope to see you Sunday morning, the 10th, when we are back in town. Take care of Mom and Dad.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Janet! We will definitely look forward to seeing you then! We’ll be leaving for Georgia on the 14th, so that will be our last Sunday. Hope you’re doing well!

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