The End of an Era

The Army has meant a lot of things to us. In just a few short weeks (16 days to be exact), Matt’s terminal leave will start, and we will be signing out of the Army for good. It doesn’t seem like it was very long ago that I met my sweet husband at the Defense Language Institute when we were both stationed there. And yet it was a lifetime ago. Most of our experience has been negative. The army is hard on families. It’s hard on anyone really, but there’s something uniquely difficult about being forced to separate from your family for any number of reasons, as is standard fare in the military. It’s completely possible that nothing but hardship will have come from our time in the Army, but I know without a doubt that God allowed us to be blessed with each other and blessed with our beautiful children because of this hardship.  To commemorate such a uniquely special time in our lives, I wanted to sum up our experience in a few pictures.

We met.

Pfeiffer Beach

We married.DSC_0078

We moved.IMG_0609

We had a baby.IMG_0909

We moved.IMG_1118

We moved again.IMG_0346

Then moved back.IMG_0444

Matt deployed.Matt in Uniform

We moved.IMG_1078

We reunited.IMG_0587

We had another baby.IMG_1390

And in the meantime:

We laughed.Small Sam Laughing at Park

DSC_0234-001 copy

We cried.IMG_1233Bandana4

And we loved like we’ve never loved before.



Thank you, Army, for the end of this era, and thank you, God, for reminding us of what’s really important.

4 thoughts on “The End of an Era

  1. How time flies! Although I know there were times in these years when it seemed to stand still. I agree, Marmee, what an amazing journey. You have captured it well. So happy you all will be moving closer so we can light up the highways once again. Love you. Love these memories.

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