Four Years Old

Well, it’s official. I’m old. Samantha’s Old. Her Daddy is even old, despite what he says. I know this to be an absolute truth because I now have a four year old daughter, which, as everyone knows, is the beginning of the end!

This is the first birthday that she really anticipated. We counted down the days, and the excitement was palpable. It was the first time there was the possibility of disappointment, so I was so pleasantly surprised at how much she enjoyed herself. From the moment she woke up, surprised to see all of her beautiful birthday decorations (thanks to Daddy’s late-night handiwork), to the moment she fell asleep after playing all day with her new toys, she was just so happy. In fact, she was thrilled the next day to learn that she was still four years old. Every day, she tells me all the things that she can do now that’s she’s big. She’s a big kid now, so that means a few changes have occurred. According to Samantha:

“I don’t need any help! [with any bathroom duties] I’m four now.”

“When I was little, I didn’t listen so well [to Mommy and Daddy]. But I’m four now, so I listen!”

After her little brother tried, yet again, to steal her new toys just to chew on them:

“Mommy, I’m just so stressed out!! Because I’m four now.”

After looking down and realizing that she was just wearing panties (her typical wardrobe of choice around the house ever since she had the ability to take off her clothes ):

“Oh, Mommy! I need to get dressed! Because I’m four now!!” (This only lasted for a couple of hours)

In honor of our girl who has officially gotten so big, here is a hodgepodge of some of my favorite pictures with a smattering of videos thrown in:







DSC_0037 copy

WhasssTHAAATIMG_0634DSC_0296From the time you started walking, you were dancing! This is you at 10 months old:

When Daddy had to leave to go to Afghanistan, we were all so sad. Shortly before his return, we made this video (in which I was very pregnant) for him, so that he would know we were thinking about him. I’ll never forget how cute your voice sounded when you talked about your favorites:

Now you’re four years old, and this is you on your birthday!!

Samantha's Four!

Samantha Spins and is FOUR!

SamAndCormac2 on FOURTHbday

You’re just so much fun, and as one last way of remembering just how sweet you are, here is a little recording of you from just the other day:

I love you, sweet Samantha Bean!!


2 thoughts on “Four Years Old

  1. Love, love, love this sweet four year old. Samantha Bean you are so,precious to Papa and Grandmom. Tori thank you for these memories. I remember her sweet little voice. We are so glad you all are together once again. How heartbreaking it was to see you and Bean separated from Matt. And now we have the added sweetness of our Bubby boy. We are so blessed.

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