The Lip

The inspiration for my last two posts came from a very special little boy who does something particularly endearing. So endearing that I decided to write about all those endearing things that I love in each member of my endearing family. Of course, in all my writing, I forgot to mention the very source of my inspiration. Rather than letting this little thing go, I decided to dedicate an entire post to it.

Ever since Cormac was a tiny baby, when something upsets him greatly, he has the habit of sticking out that tiny little bottom lip so far – it’s just the saddest little thing you’ve ever seen. Never have I ever seen such a pitiful little look. I was fortunate enough to catch him in action. Fortunate, that is, because he did it all on his own without his mother trying to deliberately upset him just to get a great picture :). So here is the sequence of events as it unfolded:


My sweet Samantha wearing her cleaning bandana. We clean in bandanas when we need an extra dose of motivation.


Here is brother doing what he does best.


Oh it’s getting even cuter!


Let’s sing him his favorite song to get him to smile the biggest!


Oh no! TOO LOUD!


Why did you have to ruin my favorite song??


Why are you just sitting there taking pictures while I’m obviously devastated??


Oh my goodness, I love this little boy!


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