That’s What I Like about You, Too


I was told that I left someone out. I would hate to do that!!


I love the way you love me. You talk to me differently than anyone else, and I love being so special to you.

I love that every time I panic that our babies have gotten too big, I let you hold them and they look little again.

I love the way you put your foot in your mouth. You hurt my feelings when we were dating, and you still do it today. But in the most strangely charming way!

I love that your family means everything to you. I never doubt that you would do anything and everything to take care of us.

I love hearing you read bedtime stories. I don’t know what it is about it, but I could die happy just listening to the sound of your voice reading to our beloved children.

I love how we do everything together. There is nothing that is not a family affair, and that suits me just perfectly.

I love how unnaturally fantastic you are at grocery shopping. It’s a gift, and I’m selfishly very glad that you have it.

I love watching you be a Daddy. There’s just nothing better.

I love your passion. I also love that it is all but hidden in every day life, but when it is revealed, no one could forget it. Football has never been more exciting.

I love how unbelievably supportive you are of me. You helped me catch our baby in the bathroom hospital, and I’ll never forget the sound of your voice when you held your son for the first time.

I love that you make me a better person for knowing you. That being married to you is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. That God used you to bring me closer to Him. My life is better in every way for having been your wife.

I love YOU!


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3 thoughts on “That’s What I Like about You, Too

  1. The tears are flowing down my face as I read these beautiful words from your heart. We are so blessed to have you in our family and even more so that you love our son unconditionally. What mother could ask for more? I love you both and I am so thankful I get to watch youo build a beautiful life together with God in the center. Thank you for writing this and sharing it with us.

    1. Thank you so much! I love you too. You are such an absolutely wonderful mother-in-law to have! Thanks for such a sweet comment. I wrote this for Matt (after he told me I’d left him out), and when he asked me to read it to him, I said “Sorry. I can’t. I’ll just cry through the whole thing.” That’s just how great he is, though :).

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