The Little Heart Melter

I attempt to show no favoritism in my love of baby milestones. Surely all milestones should be equal. I should love it when my baby learns to put everything into his mouth with such poignant dexterity, or learns to pull up on all those things which can most easily topple over, or gets those first teeth that can do such damage to a poor nursing mother. But really, I feel that there are certain milestones that were obviously meant for parents. Those milestones that speak of self-preservation, because who could deny a baby love that does these kinds of precious things?!

In the past few weeks, Cormac has surprised and delighted us with three lovely new skills. The first is his usage of his first word, “Momma.” Oh how my heart melted when he said my name for the first time. He seems to really use this word very intelligently, as he refrains from using it until he’s desperate for my love, attention, or num nums, as the case may be. Oh my goodness, it’s just so adorable!!! Of course, I tried to get a video of this lovely new talent, and the audio just happens to cut out at exactly the right moment for no apparent reason. I decided to post it anyway, because he did, after all, have to sit there and cry while I videotaped him, so surely, I shouldn’t let all the sacrifice go to waste:

Just a couple of days ago, we were surprised by yet another brand new, oh-so-endearing skill. We woke up to a bed crammed with children, as we so often do (something about sneaking into our bed  in the middle of the night makes a little toddler magically multiply), and as Samantha sat up bleary eyed to behold her damage, Cormac, still lying there peacefully, opened his eyes, saw her face, and raised one arm straight up into the  air and then clenched and unclenched his fist in the cutest wave that has ever been waved by a tiny baby. Samantha immediately said, “Mommy! He waved bye-bye!!” I thought it might have been too good to be true, so I tried to get him to do it again, and sure enough, he did! What a cooperative baby! Unfortunately, following Matthew’s mandatory Flu mist from the Army (thanks for your service!), we are once again down for the count around here. So in this video, we have the most pitiful little fever-baby that ever learned to wave:

That very same night, as I came out of the bedroom, Matthew was holding Cormac by the map on our wall as he showed off yet another new skill–  pointing!! Matthew, by my motherly standards, was not nearly as enthusiastic over this never-before-seen feat by our sweet baby, but I managed to snag a video before the phenomena had ended:

What a precious boy we have!


3 thoughts on “The Little Heart Melter

  1. How precious!!!! Now I want to see Sam point to something! She is quite good with her geography! I was amazed, Bubby pointed, daddy said, “Atlanta” to which Sam replied, “Georgia”!!!!! Again Bubbs points and she rightly identifies “Florida”!! I’m very impressed!!!!!! They come from such smart stock!!! 😉

  2. Marmee! We thought the same thing. Samantha is brilliant! We are glad Bubby was getting his time in the spotlight but would like to see Samantha get her turn to point. 🙂 I bet she can identify a few more states. And dear, sweet Cormac. You are precious even when you are not feeling well. How I wish we could squeeze you and get a wave. Love you all.

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