Every now and then there are moments in my life when I feel compelled to step back and see my life from the outside- the way I will view it years from now when it replays in my memory. These are the moments that I never want to take for granted, that I never want to forget, the moments I want my mind’s eye to savor for the rest of my life. Only since my dear Matthew has come into my life has this happened for me, and now I feel it happening more and more as I soak up these precious days in my young children’s lives. I have never felt such elation as I do when I rock my precious baby boy and listen to my sweet girl cooing over him. There is nothing sweeter than this time of life, but I must allow myself to step back enough from the chaos of cleaning, cooking, discipline, and foiled plans to see just how fleeting it all is and how much I have to cherish.

Here are some pictures of my precious family:





One thought on “Bliss

  1. It is SO true… we get so immersed in the obligations of life, we often fail to see those gifts God provides in each day to make us smile! I love your thoughts!!!!

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