And now a word from Samantha

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After going to the park the other day:

Sam: I fell down and hit my elbow on the slide.

Mom: Oh no!

Sam: It was terrible, and it really hurt.

Mom: I’m sorry!

Sam: Mommy, it’s not YOUR fault. It’s the slides fault.

While sitting on the bed the other day:

Daddy: Can you rub my back?

Sam: Sure!

(She rubs his back in one spot for just a second)

Sam: Are you better?!

Daddy: I’m just a little bit better.

Sam: I want to make you a lot better!

(Rubs his back again for a tiny bit longer)

Sam: Are you a lot better?

Daddy: Yes, I’m a lot better.

Sam: Good. I’m gonna go tell Mommy.

While looking at Cormac and holding his hands, Sam says in a sing-song voice:

I’m right here, Bubby! I’m right here foreeever!

While we’re all in the car together:

Sam: I scared!

Mommy: Scared of what?

Sam: Bees.

Mommy: Bees? Bees like buzz?

Sam: Yes, buzz buzz bees…We need to whistle.

(We all whistle.)

Sam: Nope. Not working. I still scared. Let’s whistle faster!

(We all whistle faster.)

Sam: Yay! It worked! I not scared anymore.

Quite randomly while at home (maybe my brow was furrowed?), Sam says to me:

Don’t worry, Momma! It’s a be alright.


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