Just a little catch up. . .

So two years ago, I stopped blogging. It’s rather sad that I didn’t document all the wonderful happenings between then and now, but sometimes life just seems a little too demanding to focus on anything but the most important people and things that are right in front of you. Now that times are a little less stressful, and I have a lot of good things to share, I thought I’d start this little blog back up. No promises as to how often I’ll update or how elaborate my posts will be, but I at least want to share pictures every now and then and use this as a means of updating everyone on our lives.

To catch anyone up that is interested, last year, my dear Matthew was moved to Ft. Hood unexpectedly, and then two months afterward, he was deployed to Afghanistan. We followed him to Texas, but then decided to go back to Augusta, after learning of his year long deployment orders. A week after he left us, we learned that we were expecting another baby! It was the most wonderful news, and I only hated that Matt wasn’t there to celebrate with me. Matt ended up being deployed for six months when they decided to send him home early to do some work stateside instead. After learning that he would be rejoining us, we once again picked up and moved to Texas. We were able to pick him up at the airport where Samantha was thrilled beyond words to see her Daddy again.

On January 3rd, we were blessed to be able to be together for the birth of a precious baby boy! He was 7 lb 7 oz, and, of course, absolutely perfect. Samantha is an incredible big sister and loves nothing more than smothering him with kisses.

Cormac Theodore Stone

Jan 03, 2013











January 30, 2013








Samantha Lynn Stone 

October 08, 2009

Daddy and Bean








January 14, 2013



3 thoughts on “Just a little catch up. . .

  1. Yay! Glad you’re back. I cannot believe how much Cormac has grown in just a few weeks. Samantha is as beautiful as ever. Love you!

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