These are a Few of My Favorite Things

In the interest of keeping those things that Matt and I love so dearly about Samantha at this age close to my heart always, I wanted to jot a few of them down for safekeeping. She changes so quickly, and as much as I think I could never forget the way she looks at me, the way her little voice sounds, and all the quirky things she does, I know I shouldn’t test that theory too thoroughly. So, these are for you, little Samantha– just a few of our favorite things you do:

When we’re at home, rather than settling for just dancing, you hear the music come on, stop dead in your tracks just long enough to reassure yourself that it is indeed music, then come running for both Mom and Dad so that you can grab each of our hands, and we can all three dance! What could be more fun than that?!

When we’re in the backyard with the puppies, and you’re inside the house, you love to throw the blinds behind you, and give us each a kiss through the window screen!

Whenever you decide to give your needy parents a hug, you like to give that hug with your whole heart and soul. This is one of my absolute favorite things you do!

Not only do you love to organize and arrange your playthings, but you appreciate anyone organizing them! Now that I realize this, I like to arrange all your little figurines together, and whenever you happen to discover that I’ve done such a lovely thing, your eyes light up as you let out a little gasp, and run over to discover how good they look together!

Of all the words in your vocabulary, none is said as politely and delicately as “no.” In fact, if you ever feel the need to answer “no,” it is most often accompanied by a slight shake of your head, with a little remorseful look in your eyes, as if it pains you to say it, but “no.”

Sometimes things are just a little warm. Like food, for instance. If you have food in front of you that seems too warm, you always say “hot!,” but instead of just saying it, you whisper it with a very serious look on your face, and then start blowing as hard as you can to cool it down. The other day, you were so confident in your cooling down abilities, that we got in the car, put you in your seat, and you pronounced it “hot!” with a whisper, and then started blowing to cool it down! Thank goodness we had your help, because it was 95º in there!

It’s never dull when we’re with you– even if we’re in the car. One of your favorite things to do is head-bang to rock and roll music! You’re just so silly!

Head-banging is fun, but what’s even more fun is counting! We’re not sure why you love it so much, but you love to point to your hand, and say “One, two, two, two, two, TWO!” YAY!!” and then we all clap wildly! We never know just how many twos there will be, but it’s always fun to guess!

Something you’ve started doing recently that you enjoy immensely is throwing things! We’re not sure how much we like it, but you love it! In fact, you found a baseball underneath the bed the other day, and you picked it up, pronounced “ball!” enthusiastically, and threw it across the room. Not only did we learn that you say “ball,” but also that you can throw pretty far!

Something that your Grandma discovered is that you love telling secrets! When we whisper to you just right, you love to whisper your secret to us! It’s so much fun to hear what you have to say!

Other things you love are drawing with a pen and notebook, loving on your babies, playing in dirt and water (especially together!), running everywhere you go, sitting on Csonka, giving Olive hugs (even when she doesn’t think she needs one), reading books together, and helping Mom clean! You’re such a big helper!

No matter how much you grow or change, know that we’ve  loved you every step of the way!

Still counting!

P.S. This update is written in honor of Marmee’s birthday! Happy birthday, Marmee; we love you!!

4 thoughts on “These are a Few of My Favorite Things

  1. This is the PERFECT birthday present!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! One day our girl is going to be SO grateful you wrote this beautiful snapshot of so many of the things we TREASURE about life with Bean!!!! (And I know this because her mom has told me her thoughts about things written when SHE was a little girl… and there was a day when she was a little girl!!!!)

    I love you!!!!!

  2. A lovely tribute to Marmee. I love reading about all of these things that make Samantha Bean her own special little person. I also love seeing her do these things in person. You don’t know how fun counting to two can be until you have experienced it with Bean. I have never enjoyed secrets as much as I do when they come from our little Bean. She makes it so much FUN!
    Thank you for sharing, Tori. Love you all.

  3. Love this! Definitely don’t rely on your memory to remember all the wonderful things your kids do and may you never grow too busy to jot it all down.

  4. Thanks, everyone. I sure do love that little girl, and It’s certainly a privilege to have all of her little joys in my life. I’m glad I could share it!

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