Now that Samantha has been walking for exactly half her life, I’ve started to notice a trend– a little glimpse into that ever emerging personality I love so dearly. Samantha starts, and she doesn’t stop. She has a remarkable capacity for re-energizing those fantastically long-lasting batteries of hers with as little sleep as possible. Because she is so very serious about her playtime, she has no desire to take time out of her busy schedule for things as trivial as eating or sleeping. In turn, there are certain activities that are quite unmistakably high priority for our little girl. In seeing the world through her eyes, I have learned that, without a doubt, there is always enough time to dance to the music, climb to the highest peak, and shower your loved ones with affection. Of course, when not doing these things, it is just as important to run wherever you go, preferably shrieking gaily along the way.

Please enjoy this little glimpse into playtime in the Stone house:

Showing a little love to her best buddy Aibhlin.

Giving the puppy kisses.


7 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. This is AWESOME!!!! It is SO phenomenal to have this glimpse into the daily life of one whom I wish I could be with every day; and your writing brings it so brilliantly to life!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING and my grandmother’s heart thanks you for this gift!!!!!

    Love, hugs & kisses,

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you stopped by for a visit. Maybe I can have a real-life visit soon, too? Every time I think of you, a little song plays in my head “Why can’t we be friends… why can’t we be friends?”

  2. I love this post! You nailed it – life is about taking time for the people in your life and enjoying every minute. I have seen first hand how our grand daughter loves to climb. I’m still amazed at how she climbed up that ladder into the playhouse. Looks like Bean and Csonka are becoming best buds too. I have to smile when I see Samantha with the doll and being such a little girl then she’s playing with the car or covered in mud. (smiling now)
    LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you for taking time out to keep us all posted.

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