8 Months

Samantha is 8 months old today, and I’m managing to control the spontaneous depression that has bonded so closely to these month old marks. Now that she is enjoying so much mobility, I feel that I’m always struggling to catch up, but in the spirit of celebration, I decided to make a little video of our beautiful daughter. Of course, I didn’t consider just how much she would disapprove of me waving a camera around her face and not letting her take it from me. Upon review, this disapproval is obvious and instead of showing off her impressive skills she is mostly showing off just how fussy she gets at night when she’s tired and doesn’t get her way. I also noticed upon review just how messy the house looks when captured on video–so please ignore this obvious fact. Despite all this, I didn’t feel like giving up on the idea, so here it is!


2 thoughts on “8 Months

  1. I LOVE this snapshot (or video feed as the case may be) of real life… oh how it takes me back to the days when YOU were the beautiful one crawling around and discovering your world… and my house looked JUST like that… is that deja vu or what!?!?!?!

    Your daughter looks JUST like you did (but sshhh, don’t tell her Daddy I said that)!!!!

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