In the Meantime. . .

Today was an important day in the life of Bean as she decided that it was about time for Daddy to be included in her newfound vocabulary. Momma has been getting plenty of attention for a little while now, so in the spirit of love and family, we heard a lot about Dada today. In celebration, I added a splash of color to Samantha’s little toe-nails, and tried, in vain, for at least forty five minutes to get a decent picture of it. Turns out those toes are busy little things with a life of their own, so we had our own bit of adventure and learned some valuable lessons along the way:

Sometimes, when you want something in life, you may find yourself stuck standing in the shadows

And you may be tempted to just run away

And you may find yourself stepping on people’s toes

Or eating a few tails

But this will only make you unhappy

And tired

So sleepy sleepy tired

But instead of being discouraged–wake up and smell the coffee

And you might just remember you have some great friends

And a reason to smile

And enjoy your pretty little toes.


3 thoughts on “In the Meantime. . .

  1. It is reading things such as this that make me realize how much I have missed your creativity!!! To view life through your lens is so enjoyable and inspiring, it simply cries out for more!!!! It also doesn’t hurt that your subject is so GORGEOUS!!! (PawPaw was delighted with his beautiful Sabina!)

  2. Such a clever Mommy! I couldn’t see this last night or this morning from home because our Internet was down. Grandpa told me about it yesterday and I have been dying waiting for my lunch break at work. WELL WORTH THE WAIT!
    I LOVE THIS! Happy Birthday to you wonderful daughter-in-law, devoted wife, and clever Mommy!

    I love those little pink “piggies.”

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