My First Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is one of those few holidays that has prerequisites in order to commemorate. I’ve never been granted a brand new holiday to celebrate, so it was quite an adventure. With the lovely gift of a husband who works nights and has unusual weekends, I was left to ponder the meaning of this new holiday all day while he tried to sleep away the pains of working for the military. When Matt had gotten home this morning, he hadn’t mentioned anything of the holiday, so of course, in my ponderings, I wondered just exactly what it would feel like for my one Gifter to forget his one Giftee. Needless to say, as with all things in life, especially new ones, I am a bit emotional. Some might say “over-emotional” or “over-sensitive,” but I prefer less derogatory terms for what could be, with the proper perspective, one of my more endearing qualities! Let’s just say I’m emotionally gifted and leave it at that. Matt slept, and I thought of all the reasons why I would simply burst into tears as soon as he awoke. Of course, when he finally did wake up, I gave him a few moments to get his bearings, a strong hint or two, and he responded with a perfect “Happy Mother’s Day” greeting. After prodding a little, I learned that he didn’t really get anything in particular for the occasion, but was prepared to spend an enjoyable day in my company and maybe even go out to dinner. When I then harshly accused him of forgetting the holiday altogether, he told me that he hadn’t forgotten but had been awake all morning still working during what he knew was Mother’s Day. I then asked him pointedly why he didn’t see fit to give me a proper greeting when he came home, and he said that I was simply too angry this morning for him to feel it would be received well. Of course, this got me reminiscing on what had been a wretched night with a migraine followed by a wretched morning with a migraine, and I realized, had I been in his position, I, too, would have opted for saying as little as possible. So, my dear husband didn’t actually forget the occasion at all, and not only was a joy to be with today but also gave me some lovely sunflowers and a few other things for my garden. We had a pleasant dinner at a fine dining pizza joint and called it good. So, here’s to a wonderful First Mother’s Day with my wonderful family!

3 thoughts on “My First Mother’s Day

  1. Happy First Mother’s Day my precious darling daughter!!!! You make me very proud and I am oh so proud of your precious husband for making your day special, you emotionally gifted woman you!!!! 🙂

  2. Happy Mothersday, I’m very proud of you. Thankyou for being a wonderful Mother to little Bean, wonderful wife to my son, a fantastic daughter inlaw, and for being emotionally gifted.
    Love you.

  3. You are a wonderful mother and wife! I think God made us mothers emotionally gifted for a reason. It’s your first Mother’s Day, I pray it gets better every year for you. I look at the two happy faces of Matthew and Samantha and know they couldn’t be in better hands. Thank you. Love you! 🙂

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