Uncle Gabe Comes to Town

Every now and then life throws a little joy your way when you need it most, and this weekend, a visit from Uncle Gabe proved to be that perfect bit of joy. Along with the gift of his boisterous personality, love for our daughter, and affection for all, he brought the gift of a new camera. Just for me. I’m more than a little excited, and although I don’t know nearly all that there is to know, I will let you enjoy the fruits of my labor. So featured here is our weekend in pictures:


2 thoughts on “Uncle Gabe Comes to Town

  1. I’M SO EXCITED!!!! I will have to agree with you, there is nothing like a trip from Uncle Gabe to brighten up anyone’s life!!!! And we all get to enjoy the fruits of his long journey!!!!! I LOVE YOU GABE!!

  2. I do believe I see the family resemblance between Bean and Uncle Gabe. Such beautiful smiles. And…I love your flowers. you have dahlias! I love dahlias.

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