Spring Is in the Air

No doubt many have noticed that I took a not-so-subtle break from the blog, and to all who’ve missed it, I do apologize. Spring is upon us, however, and there have been more than a few things stealing my attention away from what is sometimes deemed “not quite as important.” Samantha is learning more and more each day as she begins to efficiently navigate her way through this entire house. No longer can I sit and ponder life’s imponderables, I must now go chase. The Golden Naptime is increasingly evasive  with an increasing number of duties crammed into that small block of time. Today, however, I cannot be deterred. So while this determination lasts, I will bestow upon my readership a few joys of  Springtime in Georgia.

P.S. While I have censored out many of the worst, you may still notice a fast emerging trend in Bean’s pictures. Namely, the fact that she is no longer content to sit idly by while I snap photos of her loveliness; she now desires nothing more than to be a part of the process by crawling at lightening speed toward me in order to unceremoniously abduct and devour the camera.


2 thoughts on “Spring Is in the Air

  1. Whew! I was going through withdrawals. So glad you’re back! I know the life of a Mommy is quite busy but you are making it look easy. You go MOM!

    The pictures are awesome as usual. Cool lizards. What does Bean think of those? She has the cutest rosebud mouth. Love your flowers too.

  2. Ah yes, this brings back oh so many memories!!! And she is SO adorable as she is SO curious 🙂

    I’m with Grandma, I’ve been missing your delightful snippets of early motherhood, plus it’s wonderful to see pictorial examples of springtime through the eyes of a very engaged (and engaging) six month old!!

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