Bean’s First Easter

Easter is always such a beautiful time of year with our eyes still adjusting to the world around us springing to life. So of course we bring out the very best of our repertoire of pastel and enjoy a springtime church service with family and friends–all the while looking forward to the after-church-treats most likely to rot our teeth out. This is, of course, how Easter is supposed to be celebrated, and the importance of celebrating such an event when there is a member of your household who has never even heard tell of such festivities, let alone partaken of them, is of course monumental. So when the Army forced Matt to work nights and then assured us that he would not have Saturdays or Sundays off, needless to say, I was a little nervous that my vision of Samantha’s First Easter might never come to fruition. Rather than becoming overwrought with extreme disappointment, I opted instead for adorning Bean in a pastel dress that she has never worn before (Thanks, Marmee!) and enjoying a fun-filled photo shoot. So here are the fruits of my labor. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Bean’s First Easter

  1. Well, Sabina’s enjoyment of her day was certainly not diminished! And fortunately for us all, the real meaning of Easter cannot be diminished by the Army or anyone else!! What was diminished was your ability to embrace the celebrations that many enjoy on this most meaningful of all holidays!! I am SO sorry… but I do love her dress (and nothing could diminish how beautiful your daughter looked in it…)!!!

  2. Samantha “Bean” is very beautiful, happy, and fearless.
    Fearless for the way she takes Olive’s toys and loves to play with her.
    Tori, you and Matt are doing such a great job with Bean; its easy to tell she knows how much she is loved.

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