The Mad Fluffer

Whippets are a wonderful breed that enjoy appreciating the finer things in life. They understand that attempting to live life as a human is almost always preferable. So, rather than contenting herself with something so ill-equipped to handle her delicate frame as a dogbed, Olive is always on a constant quest for the softest bed possible. By bed, I don’t refer to the traditional mattresses that we sleep on so much as any surface imaginable that Olive decides will provide the proper amount of softness. After finding such softness, she then determines, with all her might, that she WILL improve upon said softness and FLUFF until she can fluff no more. Over the past few days, I have been gathering documentation of the Mad Fluffer to prove to the world what true comfort looks like.

P.S. Click the last link to see a fabulous video!

4 thoughts on “The Mad Fluffer

  1. You gotta love a dog who knows what she likes!
    Way to go Olive but be careful you might get your name changed to Fluffy.

  2. You had me going there for a second… I remember my mother calling herself a fluffer, and she wasn’t referring to fluffing bedding… I’m thrilled to see that is not the case!! This is SO much fun!!

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