Russian Bean

In case you saw that last bed Olive made out of Bean’s coat and thought to yourself, “Hey, I wonder what that darling coat would look like on Beautiful Bean?!” I will answer that burning question by providing pictures of what may have been our last cold night here in Georgia.


8 thoughts on “Russian Bean

  1. (Como se dice in Russian)…What a beautiful baby girl!!! Navy looks fabulous on Bean. I love you, Beanie Baby. Thank ,wonderful Momma, for allowing us to see her through these blogs.

  2. I will have to agree with Gabe, Bean’s (or whomever she might be) first pic is AMAZING!!! But, what is equally amazing is the writing that accompanies all these fabulous pics and continues to entertain, enlighten and draw us back for more!!!! Pics of this most gorgeous child are not the only reason this site is SO enjoyable!!!! You are one gifted momma!! 😉

  3. Without one of my favorites, but they are all wonderful. Thanks for sharing these, she is one more cutie!

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