The Bad Daddy Post

Being a stay at home mom, there is little variation from a full day of taking care of Samantha Bean and Olive. While this is nothing to complain about, seeing as it is certainly my preference, I do think there is very little wrong with supposing that I may have a small break every now and then. For example, last night, when I might normally expect to be in bed, my dear Matthew insisted, instead, upon watching a six hour long movie event. (Since this is a “Bad Daddy Post” I won’t take the time to comment on how this was Pride and Prejudice and how lovely it is that I have a husband who loves chick flicks and routinely informs me that we need to watch things like Pride and Prejudice, P.S. I Love You, Love, Actually, etc.) After getting to bed around three AM, it is only natural to assume that we will be sleeping in as late as possible. Of course, instead, the phone rings and my first response is “Don’t answer it in here,” as he grabs the phone. Given that I had that response, he naturally assumed he should answer the phone right exactly where he was. This may seem minor, but his loud telephone voice had the instantaneous wake-up affect on little Samantha whose eyes shot open like she’d suffered a major injury. Offense number 1.

Later on in this day, I asked dear Matthew to please watch Bean as I had to make a phone call to a pediatrician. This is not the time or place to convey my pediatrician related struggles, but suffice it to say, I needed complete concentration in order to make this phone call. I vaguely heard Samantha’s complaints in the other room; then as I came out, I could hear the very eery silence that should never be heard when a five month old infant is in the room. Searching for the cause of such silence, I see that Samantha Bean, with GREAT gusto mind you, is chomping down on one of Olive’s rawhide sticks that she so generously let Bean play with today. As I saw Matthew absentmindedly piddling away on his computer and ran to Bean’s aid, I informed him that of course he should have noticed! Complete silence is a dead giveaway. He claims I should have given him that tidbit BEFORE trusting him to watch the baby. Offense number 2.

As Matthew informed me later that he would need to be going to the gym this afternoon, I wrapped Bean up on my hip for a little nap. I asked for the pacifier that was on the bed, so Matthew happily gave it to me. By throwing it. Throwing it at Bean. Bouncing it off her head. Offense number 3, dubbing today the official Bad Daddy day.

This post is to hereby document said offenses in the hopes that they shalt ne’er be repeated. And don’t worry; writing this was done with full disclosure. As Matthew did something lovely for Bean later on, I informed him that I would be sure NOT to include that in today’s post, because this was NOT a Good Daddy post.

8 thoughts on “The Bad Daddy Post

  1. S-H-A-M-E!!!! Matthew, I’m shocked (that this is your 1st Bad Daddy Day … you can be proud of that fact) … but, I expect now that you have been shamed, you will work to improve… I will now look forward to the Good Daddy Day post, which I KNOW will be have MANY more examples!!!! I love you SO much… you are honestly the BEST son-in-law one could ask for, not to mention the

    1. I don’t think you need to worry about getting a “bad grandpa” post… and of course this “Bad Daddy Post” really has no sting in it since we all know he’s THE BEST!!!!! 🙂

  2. I will have to mention it again… I LOVE this blog… every day I look forward to this clever writing that makes me feel like I am right there!! Thanks for taking all the effort you take to share your lives with us… I certainly enjoy the smile it gives me!! And this one was simply AWESOME!!! I couldn’t even contain myself… y’all are GREAT!!!!

  3. Wow! How difficult is it as a “Proud Momma” not to want to jump to the defense of this Daddy and say what a stressful job he has, how hard he tries to be the best Daddy and husband a woman could want, etc…

    As the mother of said “Bad Daddy,” I’m having a little bit of trouble finding the humor in this one.

  4. Okay, everybody. I was being completely silly and sarcastic! Of course, Matt is the very best daddy anyone could hope for. We were just joking around about these things all day, saying he was on quite a roll. No one was ever actually angry or upset in the least. I just told him he was going to be featured on the blog today due to all these “offenses,” and we took a nice fake mugshot picture :).

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