Next stop: Crawling

Since Bean has never been one to exercise patience in learning new tasks, she decided that sitting up, rolling, sucking toes, and grasping just weren’t enough to keep her content. Rather than let Mommy try to recuperate from the fact that Bean is growing up entirely too fast, she decided to put a kink in all our plans and learn how to crawl. Granted, she hasn’t gotten to the point of switching right then left in perfect coordination, but given her determination, this factors very little in her rapidly growing level of mobility. Of course, this same determination is what keeps her very vocal complaining at such a high volume as she tries to scoot/crawl everywhere she can manage. Since this is really quite amusing (no offense future, grown up Bean), I decided to capture it on video here. Of course, the only one not so ecstatic about this crawling thing is poor Olive.

P.S. Future, grown up Bean, I also want to apologize for the hybrid-pajamas seen here (featuring too-small long sleeve shirt with mismatched bloomers and leggings). Sorry!

8 thoughts on “Next stop: Crawling

  1. HOW EXCITING!!!!! What an awesome mommy to catch this for all the long-distance grandparents!! I tell you, this baby is getting prettier every day, it’s a good thing she has such a protector dad!!! I love you SO much!!! and what a WONDERFUL mother you are!!!! 😉

  2. Well your Daddy said he wanted to live an “active” lifestyle. You’re gonna make sure of that. Go get ’em Bean!

  3. What an amazingly mobile baby! Frank has some catching up to do (I think he’s older, too – will check back through your blog and work it out). Must get him a personal trainer:-)

    1. She is five and a half months old right now. She’ll be six months on April 8th. I think she’s becoming so mobile because of her sheer determination! A friend of ours had a little boy who started crawling closer to 9 or 10 months just because when she put him on the ground, he would sit and stare at her with a “can I help you?” expression. Samantha gets on the ground and immediately sees something very far away that she HAS to have. It’s really fun to watch. If Frank needs some motivation, we’ve been looking for a reason to visit Ireland. . .

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