Sittin Pretty

Little Bean is growing so fast. It wasn’t long ago that I was staring into those vacant little angry newborn eyes. Now my little newborn has been replaced by this happy, smiling baby who has recently decided that Sitting is the new best thing (besides sucking her toes, of course). What could be better than having a whole new perspective where things aren’t always hanging over your head. I can understand such a desire, and I’m certainly pleased that she has acquired this new talent. Given the right circumstances, she can pull herself up, but not straight up from the ground yet. If I sit her down, however, she can stay there for quite a while with no complaints. I’m starting to feel that there’s so much variety in our lives now. If she’s fussy, I can distract her, sit her up, lay her down, flip her over, or dance a jig. It’s just one big party over here! In fact, I’ve decided that given how quickly she is acquiring new talents, this stage of babyhood is just terrific by me.

3 thoughts on “Sittin Pretty

  1. This is a great stage of babyhood. She is so much fun to play with now. Not that she wasn’t fun before but this is better.

  2. I think her reaching for you is also heart tugging. It just melts my heart to see her reach for her mommy and daddy. Isn’t this face absolutely adorable??!!

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