The Silent Sitter

Housebreaking. It’s one of those words that results in involuntary twitching for any of us who are familiar with the early days of puppyhood. Now, I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea about Olive; she is, I would say, completely housebroken at this juncture. But when it comes to the journey that got us here, I won’t be getting beyond the involuntary twitching any time soon. Olive is a very intelligent dog. She realized our intention for her to use the backyard as her pee-ground from the very beginning. But as with most things in life, there were a few obstacles along the way. For one thing, turns out puppy bladders are a bit small. I managed to somehow forget this little tidbit, and was so surprised to learn that, at first, she needed to be let out every thirty minutes. If I didn’t remember her needs within that thirty minute window, she would be sure to let me know as she whined and peed on the floor simultaneously. So her whining was a bit off, but at least she whined, right? Well, as time marched on, and she was able to hold it longer and longer, we got into a pretty regular rhythm with fewer and fewer accidents. Until Matt got home. Each day we were in perfect harmony until Matt returned from his hard day at work. Matt had no negative impact on Olive, but the best I could figure is that I just wasn’t as focused on Olive. Time continued marching, and we were doing better and better as she got older, until we finally realized it wasn’t my lack of focus, it was that, after Matt came home, I wasn’t in the back room, sitting near the back door. As it turns out, Olive enjoys letting us know her needs by sitting at the back door. You might be thinking, “Well, how courteous of her! Surely she will be receiving a Good Citizenship award!” Well, it is indeed very courteous of her, except for the small detail that she sits by the back door silently. Now our little townhouse happens to have a back door, in the back room, away from all the other rooms in the house. As we clean the dishes, do the laundry, listen to music awfully loudly, or dance with Bean, we are blissfully unaware of our Silent Sitter needing so desperately to relieve her bladder or bum in our backyard. Our hopes are that eventually she will remember that she really is truly gifted at whining and barking. Either one would be an exceptional choice.

7 thoughts on “The Silent Sitter

  1. What a surprise when i clicked “barking”!!!! I want to know who it was that was inciting all that racket, it certainly seems that Bean was enjoying herself immensely!!

  2. My brother and sister-in-law have a bell on the back door for their dog and have trained him to ring it when he wants to go out. Maybe you could try something like that?

  3. I bet Olive could ring the bell. She certainly is smart enough. Just look at her little face and how patiently she waits. She always does a good job using the outdoors for a potty when she is at
    Grandma’s house.

  4. Olive looks so pitiful…

    I love the video. Bean is very observant and expressive. You can just feel the wonder of what on earth is all that racket.

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