5 Months

Despite my very best efforts yesterday to publish this post in a punctual manner (turns out YouTube had very different ideas about punctuality) I was forced to wait til this morning to tell the world about my wonderful five month old. Yesterday, Bean turned five months old, and this was, of course, a reason for great celebration. After enjoying a beautiful, warm day in the park with Bean playing on a blanket in the sun, Matt and I kicking the soccer ball, and Olive running in circles around us, we came home and decided to make a little video to capture the beauty and wonder of our five month old Samantha Bean. She made sure to make us work VERY hard before giving us what we hoped for. So here’s a little Samantha for your day. Enjoy.


4 thoughts on “5 Months

  1. What a precious video! I love to see her smile and hear her little “lady-like” sounds. So pretty in pink! Happy 5 Month Birthday, Bean Bean!

  2. How ABSOLUTELY precious!!! I so remember that innocent laugh that warms the heart like no other!! Thank you for going to all that effort for our enjoyment!! Happy 5 months Samantha Bean ;>)

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