Perfectly Clean

With the incessant demands put on a new mother, being forced to abandon striving for perfection in all things is completely understandable. So it follows that if every single thing in my home isn’t immaculate, this is no reason for hysteria. As long as we’re reasonably tidy and generally happy, there can’t be any harm. In an effort to achieve said tidiness there may be a few shortcuts taken along the way, but that just comes with the territory. So if I happen to look down while Bean is playing on the floor and see the spit-up oozing out of her mouth while the dog simultaneously jumps up, runs over, and licks it out of the air before it can hit the ground, it’s completely appropriate for me to feel the immense relief that comes with having one less thing to clean off the floor, right? In fact, I think I saw Olive licking it off Bean’s face too, so I guess we won’t need baths tonight, either.


5 thoughts on “Perfectly Clean

  1. I love that drooley Bean too. Of course we love all our Beans. And then there’s the ever helpful Olive on automatic clean up. Way to go Olive girl. And way to go Mommy for realizing what is important in life.

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