From the Vault

Unbeknownst to anyone but myself, there is a hidden vault found deep in the crevices of my camera’s memory (for the sake of this story, we’ll call him Olympus). Being a very private camera, the window into our world was temporarily shut as Olympus refused to reveal the whereabouts of his USB cord. Without this crucial connection, we were left empty-handed. Olympus had won the battle, but after receiving the proper intelligence from Uncle Gabe, I claimed my victory with a Card Reader from Target. Olympus has been put in his place for now, and thanks to Uncle Gabe, the Vault has been opened, and you can now view all the missing pictures from Bean’s first few weeks of life. Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “From the Vault

  1. Well thank you, Uncle Gabe, for helping to rescue these priceless pictures. Our own little time capsule. I remember Bean’s precious little face when we first arrived at the hospital. I could not contain the happy tears of joy at seeing her and knowing that Mommy and Bean had a safe delivery.

  2. It is also fun to see Bean wearing some of the outfits we bought for her. If we had known she only had summer clothes that fit, her Grandpa would have run right out to buy her some warm ones.

  3. Olympus, you little devil… look what you were trying to keep all to yourself!! Good job Uncle Gabe… what a lot to enjoy that we would have hated to miss!!!

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