Baptism by Fire

Newborns. The baptism by fire that welcomes us into the brand new world of parenthood. Everything is so new. The first clothes, first diapers, first bath, first glimpses of a new world, and the first time they aren’t being pleasantly suspended in the warm liquid world of Mom. It’s no wonder they hate everything. Add to that Mom’s profound sleep deprivation, and it’s a good thing that baby is so darn cute. I’ll never forget that cry. The WORST cry you’ve ever heard. . .every single time. Without these fresh memories, I might not realize just how good I’ve got it. I’m always so very grateful at just how obvious Bean is now. She vigorously rubs her eyes, and I smile to myself at the lack of mystery about her sleepiness. She pulls on my shirt, and I know she must be hungry. Of course, by this point, it wouldn’t need to be obvious because I know her little subtleties like the back of my hand, but I still enjoy the pleasure of knowing her needs rather than guessing at them. So, thank you Samantha, for making my life a littler easier.


3 thoughts on “Baptism by Fire

  1. This is AMAZING!!!! What a creative way you have of making your world SO enjoyable!!! I can’t wait til the next time… 🙂

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