Mommy Milestones: Part 2

Not wanting to leave a promise unfulfilled, I will continue with the details of that fateful night. So where was I. . .the utter horror? After deciding that this crucial step–that is, leaving my four month old Bean for the first time– must be taken, I couldn’t possibly turn back. So, I picked a Yoga night, talked Matt through Bean’s normal bedtime routine, and got a few things together to hit the gym. Of course, it certainly wasn’t that easy. Basically there was about a thirty minute period of time consisting of me running around like a crazy woman as I yelled out specific instructions in random order in the hopes that Matt would remember all of them. Once I finally got out the door for a little “me time,” I realized that all I could hope for was to not wreck the car or dissolve into tears at having left my baby. I managed my first driving experience in Augusta without incidence, and once inside the gym, quickly called Matt to inform him of my safe arrival. Of course, what do I hear on the other end?  CHAOS. Matt’s voice was somewhere between anger and sheer panic as he chased the dog around who had just peed all over our bed (and the rest of the house) while overfilling the bathtub for a Bean who was in his arms, screaming at the top of her lungs at life’s injustices. Meanwhile, I, the helpless one, was thinking “it’s only been FIFTEEN minutes!” I told my poor husband that I was going into the class and would leave my phone in the locker room, since I didn’t figure Yoga was very interruptable. Fast forward through the high intensity, sweaty, power yoga (great! by the way). I ran to get my cell phone, and what do I see? Too many missed phone calls to count. After a little over an hour, the world had obviously ended, and Matt was kind enough to call and warn me. I returned his call and heard that same screaming Bean and couldn’t help but feel horrible for my poor husband. He proceeded to tell me how the rest of the night went: Bean screamed, took a bath and calmed down, tried to eat the water, got very hungry, Matt then gave her her first bottle (I tried to give him a little emergency milk), evidently their was not enough breastmilk in there , though, because she drank it in one gulp, threw the bottle across the room, and screamed some more. After the screaming was finally over, Matt managed to get her in bed, and she even fell asleep! That’s when the phone calls started because, he was really calling to tell me to come home quick because HE DID IT! She was actually in bed, asleep. But alack and alas, she woke up half an hour later screaming again, and now I just needed to get home quick! Despite the fact that the evening didn’t really go off “without a hitch,” I will say that Matt is now putting Bean to bed every night with no problems, and she is more and more in love with her daddy every day. So all in all, I’m glad we both reached Parental Milestones, and life is getting easier all the time.

2 thoughts on “Mommy Milestones: Part 2

  1. This all sounds very normal and absolutely priceless. The world didn’t end and out of this Mommy gets some much needed “Mommy time” while Daddy gets to build his relationship with his daughter. Bean learns that Mommy and Daddy love her enough to share her while they both get their “recharge” time. A WIN-WIN all around. You’re ALL doing a perfect job of living a normal life. Good for you!

  2. You are AWESOME!!!!! Nothing reenergizes like getting a bit of time off… makes one a much better parent! (course y’all already have that one down) 😉

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