The Deep Thinker

There are some people on this earth that were just born a bit different from most of us. They quickly distinguish themselves by what they don’t say and assume an air of quiet intelligence. When I’ve had the privilege of spending any time with these sorts, I presume that most gaps in conversation are just the silence that comes with serious thought. The kind of thoughts that most people only wish had originated in their little brains. Having had the opportunity to enjoy the company of such deep thinkers, it is only logical that I often find myself mindlessly assuming that Bean’s lack of speech isn’t due to anything except that she’s deep in thought. Her silence has nothing to do with her language skills, or lack thereof, but just that she can’t be bothered to awaken from her rather lengthy reverie.

3 thoughts on “The Deep Thinker

  1. I can hardly wait to see her thinking deeply in person. I just sit and stare at her pictures and think how much I want to squeeze her!

  2. Well, one thing is certain… if she is anything like her parents, deep thought is a given, and in fact, by the time she can verbalize her thoughts, we will all realize just how much she has us all figured out!!! She has to be BRILLIANT!! Am I right? Yeah, I think so… 😉

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