The Lorax

There is a guardian of all things beautiful. A spokesman of sorts who happens to be loved very dearly in our humble home. Little Bean and little Olive wouldn’t know what to do without their dear friend. Who is this dear friend, you ask? Why the protector of Truffula trees and the Brown Bar-Ba-Loots who also happens to be the protector of our couch. He stands guard whenever we leave, but snuggles freely when we’re here. Here’s to the Lorax–may your cuddles last forever.


7 thoughts on “The Lorax

  1. I LOVE this blog… it is the most creative, addictive blog ever!!!!

    Now I’m going to have to research the Lorax!!


  2. These pics are ADORABLE!!! I bet Grandma and Grandpa remember when we drove ALL over San Angelo looking for this paci!!!!! Those were fun days!! šŸ™‚

  3. Just saw the blog for the first time, and I really enjoyed the pictures and reading your insight.
    I hope things are wonderful for you and Samantha. And Matt too of course.

  4. Yes, Marmee we do remember! šŸ™‚ It no longer covers her beautiful face like it did then. She does seem quite fond of it.

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