Do you see this picture? Yeah, we happen to have the most beautiful puppy who adores our most beautiful little girl who is, by the way, four and a half months old. That’s right, ANCIENT. Sometimes, at night, while I’m being awoken every two hours to a starving baby, I look over and realize that she’s MASSIVE. I say that with capital letters to emphasize how big she’s gotten. Her little body used to fit so snug on my chest, and now she sits on my lap, and her head prevents me from seeing. I really feel she might as well be twelve years old, and I might as well forget the college fund because it’s obviously too late (That’s right; she’ll be smart enough to attend college at twelve.). Aside from her size, she is also getting much more coordinated. She can grab her pacifier and shove into her own mouth, and more times than not, she even gets it in right and manages to let go. The letting go seems to be the hardest part. Among her other tricks, she loves to make the most feminine little cooing noises and talk to us for lengthy periods of time. I could keep up the listing, but I digress. Bottom line, time is fleeting, and I’m just trying to treasure up every little moment. I’ll be posting more pictures, but it may take a little while before I get most of them up since the uploading time isn’t great. So for now, welcome to our new domain!


2 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. Thanks for the pictures and writing for us again. Bean and Olive both look very happy.
    Samantha is growing so fast we can’t wait to see her (and you) again.

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