No Woman No Cry

My life hasn’t really calmed down much, but as I’ve gotten more used to this particular brand of chaos, the anxiety has lessened considerably. The first few days of Bean’s life, I heard every whimper, every cry, and every moan as a personal testimony of just how awful I was at this whole mother thing. Bean cried to me “You think you were a bad ferret mother?! Well, you REALLY suck at this baby thing!” Now when she cries, I just don’t take it so personally. It may be because I am far more successful at calming her down these days, or it may be because I’ve developed chronic sleep deprivation and a heart of stone. Either way, I thought I’d share a few newfound delights of our world together. As it turns out, Bean is a bit of a musical connoisseur and due to a highly developed sense of fine taste–which I will gladly credit to my constant musical conditioning whilst she was in the womb– Samantha refuses to be quieted by anything but The Postal Service and Bob Marley. Bob Marley is, of course, her favorite, and more specifically “No Woman No Cry” which I think is perfectly appropriate for my obviously mentally superior child. As long as I sing along and we dance around the living room, she can be content to try and enjoy the most difficult task of being a newborn.

One thought on “No Woman No Cry

  1. Well she looks like such a perfectly content baby to me that it appears her mother is doing a marvelous job!! Looks like the musical connoisseur is multi-generational… :>)

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