They really just hate us. . .

Today was one of those rare, cooler than a hundred degree days. We went to see a movie, and after finding ourselves with a little time to spare, we decided to head to our spot on the lake in hopes of finding some outdoor relaxation. While driving by this lake, we noticed the mysteriously massive throngs of families with our very same idea. Yet our little spot on the lake was strangely quiet. In fact, upon closer scrutiny, we saw all these fish jumping out of the water just waiting for us. Rather than take that kind of teasing sitting down–this was after all the previously accursed home of rowdy immigrants and the most belligerent fish on the face of the earth–we headed straight for home to grab our fishing gear and come back before our great luck changed. Of course, upon our return, we found an inflatable raft full of an unfortunately large woman and her compadre splashing through our beautifully untouched water, and the sun scorching what had been cool all day. After not one bite, yet again, my conclusion? Those fish…they really just hate us.


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